Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simple Hollywood look and Hermès

This is one of my favorite styles, if you want to look très chic and elegant. I call it simple Hollywood look, you don't need any haute couture dress or the red carpet ( Let's leave that for another opportunity :) ). This is for daily wear, you need only black and beige color combination, that is pure elegance, add a classic high heeled black pumps, dark shades, 2.55, red lips and some waves in hair and voilà, this is the outfit. Don't forget to complete the look with any gold detail when we talk about old Hollywood.

Yesterday I visited Hermès silk scarves production, people were very magnifique and inspiring.  You could see the whole procession of realizing the legendary scarfs. I enjoyed it a lot. If you missed it, It will be held in Paris about 14 days.

Have a stylish weekend or not:)


With Hermès masters

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  1. You look fantastic! What did you buy love? xoxo