Sunday, October 16, 2011

During Milan fashion week

The fashion trends and collections for the upcoming season arrived.  Time when we only gasp for breath when we see fashion shows from our favourite designers and artists, sometimes we are speechless. 
Not only the runways, backstages and special parties are full of rush, also in the streets is everything more alive, more sophisticated and more eyecandy. You meet stylish people in every corner in the city and inspiration is in the air. Open your eyes and taste the main course: The place when actual trends meet the future ones, elegantly mixed with vintage, haute couture and confection. 
Everything starts in NYC, then London, continues in Milan and in the heart of fashion lovers, Paris hostes the final défilé. Très, très charmante . There are many more cities that organize their own fashion weeks and the whole world feels more  fashion energy nowadays.
I was in Milan during the fw and enjoyed it fabulously.
 I love this city for its fashion history and I would call it the most important from the old continent in this business ( plus another one for sure, Paris, Je t'aime! ).
The exhibition of Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton was the event I enjoyed the most. I took a lot of pictures. Its called Louis Vuitton: The Art of Fashion” . The historical archive of LV was opened for this occasion and we can see the most significant pieces from various collections. We could admire clothes, I would rather call it robes or gorgeous creations, bags, shoes and accesorries. The exhibition is accompanied by fashion thoughts on the walls. I will describe the pieces which caught my attention later.
I also attended few more extraodinary events. The most funny one was a room full of enormous handbag where you step in into the dark place and you scanned the sides of the bag in your ipad a then you see what is inside, the cell, wallet, perfume, sunglasses, make up, uv protectors, keys. Very interesting idea of womens needs.)
The fashion cast:
I was wearing mainly leather in matching shades of brown and beige, brown leather skirt and shoes and then beige bag, gloves with pearls and shirt with the silk sleeves, lace and pearls instead of buttons. It was also great opportunity to wear my new bracelet, wnich I am proud of because I was crazy about watching it for weeks.It's vintage Fendi from 80's with golden details and many pearls and goes with a lot of outfits perfectly.
Here you can look at Italian Cosmopolitan, where they photographed the detail of my outfit.
Italian Cosmopolitan
I hope you also enjoyed these days.

The LV exhibition

Handbags instead of heads. I like this idea.

The nurse outfit is very perfected. Focus on the mask.

Prada backstage

And the fashion robot


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