Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aristocratic style

me and strawberry nose :)

From where I took the title of my blog?
The word Aristocrat is taken from the Greek ἀριστοκρατ meaning best, they remain a class a part with a mentality of their own. 
I adore fashion and it is the single strongest form of non-verbal communication for me.
 It defines your attitude and gives a strong indication of what to expect of you by the way you dress.
 I always search for the best in fashion, mainly for the good quality, original design and timeless accessories, does not matter if the price is high or low, I focus on that every thing has its magic.
To be well dressed means you value the company in which you are.
Aristocratic world of style etiquette can have more rules and fashionistas expect more from themselves.
Refined taste can be represented in many different ways and taste perceive each person to person. I love the elegance, femininity, glamour, extravagance and modern edgy style. I dress according to mood and through my blog I like to share with you some of my outfits. I'm obsessed with fashion blogs and I love to be inspired and inspire.
Fashion is like a caramel macaron to me, I have never enough :)
Have a lovely and peaceful weekend everyone!

Cafe Parisienne, my second home because of the macaron kingdom :)
Sleepover with my bestfriend Audrey, sweets, of course, could not miss :)


  1. Very sweet♥. You do inspire!I love the pic of our sleepover. -Audrey

  2. Ty náušnice jsou dokonalé! moc se mi líbí k tomu kabátku :)

    1. Dekuju, to me tesi, jsou z 80. let)

    2. I mě zaujaly předně náušnice! Podobne děla Ludora boutique, mrkni na to. V ČR ale nesehnatelne

  3. krásne náušničky, úplne dokonalé

  4. Krasne obočí a samozřejmě cely outfit :))

  5. mě tedy zaujalo spíš to sako, smím se zeptat z kama ho máš??Krásná fotka!

  6. Prosím tě, dlouho hledám ty maličké podnosy v kterých máš makronky? Mohla by jsi mi prosím jen napsat odkud jsou? (kdyby jsi napsala na mail, budu ráda

    A také pátrám po té růžové flašce Moet Rose z jiného postu, na které máš napsané fixou své jméno Nena atp. :( Už jsem zoufalá, nemůžu to nikde dohledat..