Friday, August 9, 2013

Cannes and fashion events

With this post I would like to follow my guest article you can read HERE for Shades of Class about tips what you should not miss in Cannes.
You can find out there what day time and night time activities I recommend and now I would like to continue with the fashion.
When it comes to weaker moments of shopaholics in us you should have a walk through Croisette, it is full of the well known international and french brands, do not forget to visit quite large Chanel store, Balenciaga, Celine, Saint Laurent and the smaller concepts. You will definitely fall in love with the glaring bling bling jewelry in the shop windows. The bigger the better for sure.
For more street style stores, boutiques, beauty, accessories and souvenirs visit Rue d'Antibes.
A popular fashion event for the general public also takes places in Cannes. The Festival of Fashion Photography is held every summer here and showcases 90 photographers from 22 coutries in prestigious venues as the Palm Beach Casino, the Croisette or the gardens of the Roseraie.
Three prizes are awarded during the event:fashion photographer, young talent and the beauty photographer.
And I have to say that the pictures we saw were pure divine.
You can also enjoy a little trip to Grasse and visit Musées de Grasse and the Paul Poiret exhibition-Coutier Parfumeur which ends September 30. Paul Poiret is called on of the fashion kings of the 20th century. He created the costumes for Inhumaine by Marcel l'Herbier, one of the greatest silent movies.
His extravagant style was popular in the Parisian high society. Poiret fashion house and his beauty products are representing his inimitable aura. This gentleman had interesting fashion marketing ideas and understood the importance of it.
As you can see even the summer destination offers a lot of fashion lusciousness.


  1. Před pár dny jsem si tu vzdychal, že bych rád víc fotek. A je to tady! :) Skvělé!
    PS: Máš perfektní postavu!

  2. Zajímavý a moc hezky napsaný článek, princezno :-*.

  3. Ahoj, moc se mi libeji ty cene plavky- odkud je mas? Diky

  4. Ahoj, moc se mi libeji ty cene plavky- odkud je mas? Diky