Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Festival d'Art PYROTECHNIQUE de Cannes

Today I would like to talk about truly romantic experience in Cannes.
Every year the Fireworks Festival takes place there. The wonderful fireshow is accompained by music and unforgettable atmosphere. You can spend the evening with your beloved ones on the beach, watching the sunset and enjoy a nice dinner. After the sunset starts the show and you can dive into the magical moments.

I would recommend to make a reservation at L'Annex restaurant because it is located exactly in the middle of the beach with the best view. They also have excellent food and great services.
The festival is created from 6 evenings with 6 different shows and at the end the winner with most impressive fireworks is announced.

Here is the program with shows you can still catch:

Wednesday 07 August 2013 – 22:00 PYRO MAGIC (Hong Kong, CHINA)
Thursday 15 August 2013 – 22:00 LUSO Pirotecnia (PORTUGAL) 
Saturday 24 August 2013 – 22:00 J. COUTURIER Org. (FRANCE)

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